True Pilates Pasadena practices the authentic fitness and strength techniques developed by Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the successful Pilates system, originally named Contrology.


Created nearly 100 years ago, the True Pilates approach offers a safe and vigorous exercise program that corrects muscular imbalances, improves posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as increases breathing capacity and organ function. This approach is meant to invigorate the body, mind and spirit.


Grete Gryzwana, who founded True Pilates Pasadena, is a second generation Pilates instructor certified by Romana Kryzanowska, the protégé of Joseph Pilates.  Selected for the prestigious teacher training program at the Pilates Studio of New York, Grete studied with Romana and her daughter, Sari Mejia Pace. Since her certification in 1999, Grete has continued to study, practice, and teach the classical, Romana's Pilates Method.

Grete welcomes all fitness levels, and she is dedicated to meeting the needs and goals of each person.


"Grete is an outstanding Pilates trainer! Her skills and knowledge about promoting health and fitness through Pilates are limitless... She's focused on what's best for each of her clients... She's the very best... A truly true Pilates professional."

"Grete Gryzwana has helped my basketball players maintain their core strength, flexibility, balance and conditioning during our basketball season. Through the classical Pilates methods and attention to detail, her work and results display an understanding of what athletes need, to be at their best physically for the duration of a long and grinding season"
John Burroughs HS
Burbank, CA